What does Peter Maffay Foundation do?

Our support offer includes
We provide a wide range of offers focused on concepts adapted to the needs of each group and to the specificity of each season.

Work with nature
The agricultural products of our farm in Mallorca are obtained without any pressure for productivity, in compliance with the agriculture principles. Children and teenagers may participate in activities in the olive and lemon tree orchards, in dairy units, in land cultivation and various maintenance works (e.g., building fences), in animal farming activities (e.g., stable works, feeding the animals). 

In Romania, groups may undertake activities in the organic peasant farm. If they want, all children may participate in growing vegetables and feeding animals. 

For the Jägersbrunn project we cooperate with the organic farm in Grasleiten, Upper Bavaria. In this large farm, all groups may help feeding animals and may learn how a peasant household works.

Creative activities
painting, pottery, sculpture, woodcraft, bread baking, music, art therapy and many others

Recovery, leisure and recreation

  • TABALUGA HOUSE Finca Ca’n Llompart/Mallorca (Spain):
    sports and games on the basketball field and on the vast area of the farm, hiking in the hills, exploring the park of senses: listening, smelling, touching; swimming in the pool or trips to the sea shore and relaxation on the beach. Mountain and night hikes, camping in nature, trips to the old centre of Pollença or to Palma de Mallorca and many others.

  • TABALUGA HOUSE Roadeș/Romania:
    cart rides, evenings by the fire and bread baking in the shadows of the fortified church, hikes in the hilly Carpathian areas, trips to the bear sanctuary near Brașov or to the historical centre of Sighișoara and many others.

  • TABALUGA HOUSE near Lake Maising/Germany:
    play and fun on the property, walking barefoot on special trails, sleeping in Indian huts, learning about woodcraft in Tabaluga interactive workshop, bathing in Lakes Maisinger and Starnberg, bicycle tours and leisure walks around Lake Maising and in the Starnberg district, trips to the German Museum in Munich and many others.

  • Other partnerships for therapeutic sojourns:

  • Sternstundenhaus House of Tabaluga Foundation in Peißenberg, Upper Bavaria
  • Sidan Hostel in Zillertal, Austria