“Music is the driver of our projects”
interview with Peter Maffay, the founder of Peter Maffay Foundation

Question: What children come to the shelters and from what backgrounds?

Peter Maffay: “Our Foundation works with traumatised children – for example, children from families with complex problems, who grow up in orphanages. Children who were victims of abuse, children who lost their parents, children with severe illnesses. We want to give these children a break from their destiny.”

Question: Music or the Foundation – which will be more important in the future?

Peter Maffay: “The Foundation. Of course, I will go on with the music… but who knows whether I’ll still be making music in ten years’ time? In this context, Tabaluga is a very important concept, because it is part of both fields: Tabaluga means music, this is just plain obvious. Music targeting people of various ages and people who love various music styles. Tabaluga is also a symbol of the important values of our Foundation: friendship, tolerance, integrity, care and responsibility towards the environment and our fellows. And, last but not least, Tabaluga is an important pillar of our activity from a financial perspective as well: when we bought the copyright for the Tabaluga character and we set up Tabaluga Enterprises GmbH in 2013, the main goal was to ensure a sustainable future for the projects of our foundation – even when I will no longer be active in the music field.”